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Cat girl TF TG AR

This story starts at the den of a Fox anthro that used to be a human called Josh. He now lives under the name Jennifer.
Jennifer was an ordinary red fox anthro with light hazelnut hair that grow down to the base of her tail which she tied back with a big pink ribbon. She had lovely sky blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She lives in her den with her adoptive daughter Ally the Riolu. Jennifer's den was like a house but undergorund. Inside it had all that a normal house would: beds, television, cooker and lights. Every since Ally had transformed Josh into Jennifer, Josh had never been the same. Her attitude had changed, she was no longer selfish like she had once been, now she felt compeled to help people. Also since her transformation Jennifer took in Ally like she asked her.

Today was a special day. Her friend from America was coming to visit her. Jennifer had know Wraith for about 6 months and he had decided to see what England was like. That morning Jennifer woke up from her usual 12 hour sleep. She sat up and stretched her arms as she yawned. She was wearing a tshirt with the words "FOXES RULE" on the front and a blue shorts. Jennifer looked around and sighed. Her place was a mess, there were clothes every where. She looked next to her to see little Ally still fast asleep next to her. Jennifer got up and walked towards the television and switched it on. "I wonder whats going on in the world today?" she said still half asleep.
"There has been another suicide bombing today in bagdad. 3 people were killed and 10 seriously injured." said the reporter on the screen. Jennifer sighed as she changed channels.
"Its the same thing over and over again. Why can't people just get along?" She walked over to the kitchen area of her den and got out a glass from a makeshift cupboard fixed to a log.

In fact everything apart from her electrical equipment was makeshift. The electric that ran all of these applicents was generated from solar panels and several small turbines which are all installed by her step dad who was actually human. Jennifer was fortunate to build her den near a small river so she always had a source of untainted natural water.
Jennifer stepped on a small black pressure pad just by the sink and water came out of a small tap. She filled her glass up then released her paw from the pad making the water stop. Jennifer took a small mouthful of water, swallowed then exhaled with a smile. "Thats good water."
Jennifer looked back over to her bed and saw Ally just begin to wake. She smiled then walked over to the bed where she sat down by her adoptive daughter. "Good morning sleepyhead."

Jennifer had found Ally when she was still a human but it was thanks to Ally that Jennifer came to be. Ally needed a mother to care for her and Josh was the one to fit the bill. Thats where Jennifer's collar comes in. The collar around her neck held incredible transformation powers which could change a person into an anthro that a person truely wished to be. For Josh he had always wanted to be a Fox anthro but he had no idea that he would become a female Fox and since then Jennifer has looked after Ally as her mother.
Ally looked at Jennifer with a sleepy eye and yawned, "Morning Mum."
"How are you this morning Ally?"
"I'm still really sleepy," Ally sighed rubbing her eyes.
"Well don't go back to sleep. Remember we have a visitor today."
"Just a friend from America. I'm very excited, it's my first time meeting him."
"What's his name?"
"His real name is Joeseph but I've always called him Wraith. I think he prefers it."
Ally smiled, "Do you have a crush on him?"
"Ally, don't be silly. I have only spoken to him on the internet and we really talked about cartoons and America. I don't know him personally enough. And besides if I was going to have a crush on anyone they'd have to be cute."

Jennifer got off the bed and walked over to her clothes cabient and got out her usual attire; her green zipped shirt and blue denham shorts complete with her golden yellow belt and laid their neatly on the bed as she began to undress from her night gear. Jennifer stood there in her undergarments looking for something. She turned to Ally, "Ally have you seen my ribbon anywhere?"
"I think I saw it in the bathroom."
"Thank you Ally," she smiled as she pushed a curtain aside and walked into another section of the den. Sure enough there on the shelf where all her other bathroom stuff was was her pink ribbon. Jennifer turned around and walked back into the main section of the den and picked up her shorts from the bed.

After 10 minutes Jennifer was fully dressed and just about to put her ribbon in. Once the ribbon was in Jennifer leaned back and stretched, "Ah that feels so much better. I feel more lively when I'm in my usual clothes. I wonder why that is?"
Ally suddenly got Jennifer's attention, "Mum, there's a strange man outside. Is he the person you where talking about?"
"Strange man? Let me see." Jennifer said coming from the bed and to the window that Ally was hanging from. She looked out of the wooden window frame with clear plastic and saw a young, blue eyed man. The man was in his early 20's and had long brown hair which reached all the way down his back. He was wearing a navy blue turtle neck top, blue jeans and black trainers.
"Now where am I?" the young man asked himself out loud. He looked down at a piece of paper then scratched his head. "Jennifer said she lived around here but I can't see any house around here. Maybe she gave me the wrong address."
Jennifer took a step back as her head rushed, "So that's Wraith. He's actually cuter than I thought he'd be." She turned back to Ally, "Now Ally I'll be right back."
"Ok mum," Ally smiled as Jennifer left the main section of the den and walked up the short staircase.

When she reached the top she opened up a bunker door and popped her head out. She could see Wraith stood with his back turned away from her. Jennifer climbed out of the den and walked casually towards him. Wraith suddenly felt a small but sharp poke on his shoulder which caused him to turn around. What he saw nearly killed him from sheer shock. Wraith was face to face with a humaniod Fox with light brown hair and was wearing clothes. Jennifer could sense Wraith's uneasiness in his voice as he spoke. "W..what are you?" he stuttered.
Jennifer took a step back and prepared for the worst, she knew that it wouldn't be easy for people to accept her appearance straight away and knew that they would also be shocked.
"Hi there, I'm Jennifer. You must be Joeseph from America. I've been expecting you."
"S...say what? You've been expecting me?"
"Yes. Remember we spoke online the other night? You said you where coming to England and I gave you my address so you could come and visit me."
"I did?"
"Yes. I understand if my appearance is making you a little uneasy but I can't do anything about it. Please come inside and I'll expalin everything."
"Inside? But I don't see any house around here."
"Thats the cool thing about my house. You're not suppose to see it because it's underground. Come on follow me." Jennifer turned around and walked back to the concealed bunker doors. She signaled for Wraith to come over. When she opened the door Wraith peered in, "Wow, that's pretty cool."
"Just wait until you see the inside," Jennifer winked as she disappear down the stair. Wraith followed her and shut the door behind him.

Back inside the den Ally was beginning to become impatient. "How long is mum going to be? I'm getting bored."
"Ally I'm back," came Jennifer's voice from behind a curtain.
"Hooray, I was getting worried."
Moments Jennifer walked in leading the human that Ally had seen before into the main section of the den. Wraith was actually walking with his eyes closed because Jennifer she said she would surprise him.
"Okay now Joeseph you can open you're eyes now."
Wraith opened his eyes. There was a moment of silence then Wraith's mouth dropped open, "Wow, this place is incredible! And you live in here?"
"Yep, lived her for the past 3 years of my life. It's actually very nice here since the den is so far out in the woods. I'm surprised you managed to get here without getting lost."
"I thought I was until you showed up. But I can't get over how cool this place is. Did you build this yourself?"
"Not on my own. I had help from some friends and family." Jennifer stared up at a picture that was hung up on the wall close to her.
In the picture Jennifer was stood in the middle surrounded by friends and several family members and they were all covered in dirt. Even Ally was in the picture. Wraith looked at the picture and quickly studied it. He pointed out a person in the picture. The person he was pointing to was shorter than Jennifer, slightly bulky and had short brown hair with small curls at the back.
"Hey Jennifer, who's this?"
"Oh that's my step dad. He helped put in all the plumbing and electrics in there."
"You have plumbing?"
"Of course just over there is the bathroom with a shower in it," Jennifer pointed to a curtain not far from her.
"Wow, I wish could show my mates this place," suddenly noticing Ally in the picture, "Hey what that? It looks like a pokemon, but that's silly. Pokemon don't exist."
"Thats my daughter actually. Ally come say hello to our guest."

Ally jumped off the sofa and walked towards Jennifer and Wraith. "Hello," Ally said slightly embarrassed. Wraith couldn't believe it. A real live pokemon; he pinch himself, "Ow, then this isn't a dream its real. Wow."
"Of course its real. Ally here was the one that changed me into Jennifer in the first place."
"Really how did she do that?"
Jennifer smiled and pointed to the collar around her neck. "This collar has incredible transformational properties. It changed me into the person I am today."
"Then does that mean you used to be human?"
"Yes I'm the person you once knew as Josh. We used to talk online alot."
"That's right. So this is what's become of you?"
"Yeah, but I prefer this body than my human form. Even if I had the choice of returning to my human form I would never take it."
"Why not?"
"I'm now Ally's mother. I can't leave her for anything."
"Sounds like a lot of work."
"Not really. I have fun with Ally so it's worth it."
"Well at least you're enjoying yourself, I guess that's all that matters right?"
Jennifer nodded as Wraith knelt down to Ally's eye level, "Hello Ally. Its nice to meet you, I'm Wraith."
Ally hid behind Jennifer. "She's still a bit uneasy around humans. No offense," Jennifer sighed.
"None taken," he smiled.
"Come on Ally there's no need to be scared. He's a friend remember?" Ally slowly came out from behind Jennifer and smiled. "That's a good girl. Now Wraith wold you like a drink of anything?"
"Just water please."
"Ok. Ally go and wait on the sofa with Wraith."
"Ok mum," Ally smiled as Wraith followed.

Minutes later Jennifer came back with a small tray. On it were three glasses of water and a small plate of biscuits. "Help yourself Wraith."
"Thanks Jen. Is that ok if I call you that?"
"Sure I don't mind," Jennifer smiled picking up a glass, "Oh I hope you like the water. Its purified so it tastes better."
Wraith took a mouthfull of water then smiled back, "You're right it does taster nicer."
"I'm glad you like it."
"So Jen tell me exactly how you become..." Wraith hesistated.
"Yeah, I don't mind if you don't want to talk about it. I completely understand."
"Nah its ok. Its been a while since anyone's asked me about it."
"Really, why's that?"
"Well I don't get many visitors, well not of the human kind anyway."
"How come?"
"Since I lived here I've tried to protect these woods from people that would harm the environment here. This place is now my home and over the years I have warded away hunters and lumber jacks."
"I see so people think that you're some kind of monster like Big Foot?"
"Not exactly. I have been given permission to live in these woods because its where I feel most comfortable and if I lived in the city I'd only get hassled."
"That's understandable. So your its protector? Thats pretty cool."
"It is? I mean of course it is."
"I still can't get over how increbible this place is."
"Well like I said I had a lot of help building it."

Hours passed and Jennifer and Wraith got to know each other very well. Everyone was smiling and laughing. After about another 2 hours passed and Wraith stood up and stretched. "Its getting late. I better get back to my hotel."
"No wait. Why don't you stay here for the night. There's an extra bed in the other room."
"Are you sure it's ok? I don't want to cause any trouble."
"There's no trouble. Its fine."
"Well ok then but then in the morning I have go ok."
"Sure. It'll be nice to have company over night. Like I said I don't get much company."
"Yeah, so where's this other bedroom?"
Jennifer stood up and lead Wraith into a smaller section of the den. Inside the was a bed wardrobe, even a sink.
"Wow, this is you spare room. Its bigger than my room at home."
"Well I had this built just in case I had friends around."
"You definetly thought of everything when you built this place."
"Well I was the one who designed this place. Anyways you just get comfy. I'll be in the other room if you need me."
"Ok. Thanks by the way."
"No problem. You're my friend after all," she winked as she lifted the curtain up and walked back into the other room.
Back in the living room Ally was waiting patiently. As Jennifer sat back down Ally curled back her. "Hey mum, I wish he didn't have to go. Isn't there anything we can do to get him to stay?"
"I'm not sure Ally. I don't want him to leave either. It gets too lonely here." She suddenly had an idea. "Maybe that thing can help out." Jennifer got back up and went to a cupboard. She began to rummage throught the cupboard until she came across a collar. "Here it is. Now all I have to do is get him to wear it."

Back in the spare room Wraith was lying on the bed stil in his clothes. "These place isn't too bad. I think it'd be nice if i had a place like this. No one to bother me, free air. Maybe Jen will let me stay here for a while longer?"
"You might just get that request," Jen said as she came into the room with Ally by her side.
"Oh hi Jen. What do you mean?"
"Here I have a gift for you," she smiled as she handed Wraith the collar.
"Thanks Jen. What's it for?"
"This is a gift for you since you came to visit me. You're my first human visitor in over 6 months."
"I said I was going to visit you didn't I?"
"Of course you did, now put it on, I want to see what it looks like on you."
"Ok if you insist," Wraith smiled putting on the collar.

As soon as the collar was around Wraith's neck it magically locked itself so that it would never come off. Suddenly Wraith felt a jolt as something began to happen. Small patches of cream yellow fur began to appear on his hands. And he didn't notice the fur begining to creep up his face. His clothes began to morph and change as small ribbons formed on the bottom corners of his tshirt and one in the top middle of the shirt. Wraith's hair also began to change; his long hair began to raise, as if being lifted by invisible hands, then started form into small bunches as his front bangs started to grow in length. The next change to happen was his ears which started to itch and become pointed as they transformed into cute cat ears. Wraith also didn't notice the tail growing out from under his ever changing clothes.

Suddenly Wraith noticed that his hands were completely covered with cream fur. He turned around to see Jennifer and Ally sitting down on the floor watching all transformation take place. "Jen, what's going on? What's happening to me?"
Jennifer smiled, "Don't worry. It'll be over soon and besides you said you wanted to stay here a little longer. I'm only fulfilling that request, you should be greatful."
"But I didn't mean like this," he exclaimed as the fur on his face began to spread further up. Part of his trousers had torn away and were forming into frilly ankle covers. Even the collar was starting to change; a small round object had appeared and was attached to the collar and was getting bigger. Wraith shirt was changing at a fast rate, it was quickly changing from a long sleeved shirt to the blouse of a lolita dress.

Wraith's body was now taking on another change; He could feel himself beginning to shrink in size. He had lost over 1ft in a matter of seconds and his hair was gettig even longer. Suddenly Wraith's feet burst out of his shoes. They had already become paws complete with leathery pads. The next thing that Wraith felt was his mouth pushing out into a cat's muzzle. Then all of a suddenly short whiskers grow out from his new muzzle. At this point Wraith now longer resembled the man he once was, instead his was resemebling a young cat girl. His clothes had almost completely changed into a lolita dress and his tail was now over 2 ft long and still growing. His hair that had been raised up and formed into bunches had now grown past his shoulders. The small object attached to his collar had almost tripled in size and was starting to look like a bell.

After about 5 minutes the tranformation began to slow down as it neared completion. His eyes changed from the blue they had been to a scarlet red. His clothes had now complete changed and his tail was now a healthly meter and 50 cm long which swayed softly and near the tip of the tail was tied a pink ribbon. Wraith's hair had grown back to its original length but this time it was made up of two long ponytails. He had also shrunk down to a mere 3 ft and 5 inches and his age had regressed to 12. The bell that had been growing stopped and rested nicely in the middle of his chest. The transformation was now complete. Where Wraith had been standing only 10 minutes ago now stood a very beautiful 12 year old cat anthro wearing a peach coloured lolita dress.

Suddenly something in Wraith's head clicked. All thoughts she had as a human were now gone. Thoughts of the past were non-existent, her mind was totally clear and focused on the now. Althought she acknoweldged the fact that she had been a human that doesn't stop her from smiling as she admired her new form and purred softly to herself. She walked over to Jennifer who had Ally in her arms to entire time the transformation was taking place. Jennifer smiled, "So you like my gift then?"
"I do very much. Thank you for such a nice present," she smiled as her bell jingled letting out a delightful "ping".
"So would you like to stay here with me and Ally? There's plenty of room."
"Oh yes please. I'd like that very much."
"Very well then. Welcome to the family Lily."
"Thank you so much Jennifer."
"Call me Sis. Now that you're here were going to have so much fun. Isn't that right Ally?"
Ally looked up at Lily and smiled, "Yay a new relative to play with."

A couple of months later Jennifer and her now bigger family went out into the woods to explore. Jennifer and Lily each held Ally's hand as they walked off out of sight.

The character Jennifer (C) Computerfreak
Other characters (C) to AkuOreo and Wraith.
Storyline (C) Computerfreak
Story based on a TF TG AR by AkuOreo
This is my first TF story i've written. I hope you like it. Its based on the Cat TF TG AR I had commissioned by :iconakuoreo:

Jennifer and storyline is (c) :iconcomputerfreak:
Other characters (c) :iconakuoreo:
Please your comments on how I can improve this story
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how old are Jennifer, Lily and Ally agen :)
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jennifer is 21, lily 10 and ally 5
patrick221 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
a1993 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
nice i like the story. should do more commissions based on akuoreo's works there really good transformation works
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