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TGC: Family Chapter 11
Chapter 11 – Is This the End or Is This Just The Beginning?
The next morning Felicia, Shadow, June, Casey and Emperor stood at the exit to the outside world. They all had had time to think about what Garness and Vixen had told them the night before. Every one of them was happy for them, all except one that is. Felicia didn't like the fact that her lifelong friend would be leaving her and that she would never see her again. Even after sleeping on this fact all night she couldn't accept that this was the end but she dared not make a scene about it and upset everyone. It was just one of those things that she had to accept. It was nearly an hour before Garness and Vixen finally arrived. Garness stepped off a large crystal tower she had created and Vixen landed gracefully besides her and concealed her wings. "Sorry we're late everyone. We had something we needed to do," Garness said a tear hanging in the corner of her eye.
"I was going to say, what took you so long?" Casey said, eyebro
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TGC: Family Chapter 10
Chapter 10 – Making the Right Choice?
The sisters could hardly believe their ears. They looked at each other then at Felicia. "What did you just say?" Garness said trying to find out what they had just heard was for real.
"I said I can finally take you home," Felicia repeated, slightly confused since they were looking at her like she had said something offensive. "Did I say something wrong?" Garness shook her head then stood up.
"No you didn't, but Vixen and I only just found each other. We need some time to get our agenda straight first. I mean it's a very bad time to ask that question now."
"The whole reason I came here was so I could take you back. I thought I had lost you."
"That is very nice of your Felicia but at this moment in time we just want to get over this adventure. We'll need some time to think it over."
"How much time will you need?"
"As much as we need. It's a lot to think about."
Felicia crossed her arms then sighed, "Fine, but you make sure you tell me as soon as
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TGC: Family Chapter 9
Chapter 9 – One Last Problem
Back in Mana Khemia Garness and Vixen sat on a bench talking all about the adventure they had had for the last 3 months. Garness listened patiently to Vixen's story but all she really cared about was the fact that she was finally reunited with her little sister.
"So then I met Melinda and she brought me, Rage and Carrisa here," vixen told Garness.
"So Rage and Carrisa have been looking after you?"
"Yeah but then I found out that the elder of this village is our dad."
"I know."
"You do?" Vixen said a little surprised.
"Yes, when I was in Mazan with my friend Casey the leader of the village received a letter from our father saying that you were back with him."
"Oh," Vixen replied, "can I meet your friend Casey?"
"Of course you can sweetheart. In fact she is very excited to meet you too."
"Wow, that's cool."
"Do you know what's even cooler about her?"
"What's that?"
"She has a Dragon."
"No way! I thought Dragons were just a legend."
"So did I before I met
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TGC: Family Chapter 8
Chapter 8 – Finally, Reunion!
Back over the sky's of Gaia Emperor glided gracefully carrying his friends including his two new passengers. The blue moon moved slowly across the starry sky and the occasional shooting star shoot across it. Emperor flapped his gigantic wings and ascended a good 100 feet in the air. Lyrah leaned over the side of Emperor's back and gasped.
"Wow, no matter how many times I see this view it never gets boring," she said, still very amused.
"You and I share something in common then," Garness said placing a hand on her shoulder. Lyrah looked up at Garness' smiling face and smiled back.
"I guess we do. You are so lucky to get to do this all the time."
"Yeah, I guess I am. But to tell you the truth, I never used to be lucky. I used to be very clumsy and I never used to get things right, but after a while my luck began to change."
"How so?"
"Well, I got a job, I graduated from school and I was lucky enough to be blessed with a baby sister."
"And she's the one
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TGC: Family Chapter 7
Chapter 7 – It's Tough Mending a Broken Bond
In the middle of Mana Khemia stood a giant tree; a tree which had survived the ravages of time. The locals called the tree Yudrasil which in the Kitsune language meant 'Tree of Life'. Up in the canopy a young female fox Anthro sat in a pink shirt and white skirt. A pair of snow white wings protruded from her back and flapped gently in the cool breeze. She sat on a thick branch crying heavily, tears streaming down her cheeks. She stared up at the dusky sky, stars just beginning to appear, and sighed. A star shot across the sky and Vixen made a wish. After a long time Vixen had stopped crying and relaxed while she watched the moon rising up from under the hill-side. Vixen's ears twitched as they absorbed the sounds of the night and her eyes reflected the moon's light, turning her gorgeous red eyes to a mesmerizing purple. She felt a hand fall on her shoulder and she turned her head. It was Rage; he had climbed up Yudrasil to be with Vixen
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TGC: Family Chapter 6
Chapter 6 – A Family Unforgotten
The sun was slowly rising over the triple mountains, casting large ominous shadows across the dense woodland of Mazan. There was a light mist hovering over the village and small water droplets were gradually forming on the plant life. The flowers pods slowly opened as the warm glow of the morning sun bathed them in its glorious light. Water dripped casually from the leaves on the Bronzewood trees and all the small mammals were coming out of their holes to admire the wonderful sunrise. The birds sang their songs proudly and the powerful roar of the waterfall echoed through the village for all to hear. A small Dukington parrot was perched on the windowsill of a tree house which was glowing with candle twilight. Inside laid a golden yellow two-tailed Kitsune Anthro and a young female Beastman with a small orange dragon wrapped in her arms. The Fox Anthro yawned and sat up, rubbing her eyes. Her tails dropped off the side of the bed she was in and sway
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Nate Dual
United Kingdom
Hi im computerfreak, but please call me Nathan or Nate which ever is easiest for you to remember. I do have a female fursona called Natalia but due to personal reasons and positive life developments i am assuming Nathan as my primary character from now on.

You'll find that most of my gallery contains mostly reposts of artwork i have collected/commissioned over the last few years i have been on FA. Though this doesn't mean i don't do original art though, its just im not that confident in my art abilities to post something original. Though I am an avid writer so you might see me post stories based on artwork i have commissioned or artwork that has inspired me.

final thing i think is worth mentioning is i have a webcomic called 'The Other View', writing by me and drawn by :iconnalem:. you can find my comic here, though due to my money circumstances the dtaes which it is updated are unknown. but please take a read if you have a chance:…
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Hey guys. I know its been a while since i did anything on here so its only fair i give you an update on things.

First off, as some of you may or may not know I now operate more on Furaffinity than I do here. Which is why I haven't uploaded anything in so long. But that's going to change. I'm going to be slowly adding some of the art I've commissioned over the last 4 years over on FA. So expect art dumps now and then. Also I'd love to see what you guys have to say on some of the characters i had made.

Secondly, As much as I know many of you have seen, the Harry Potter Fanfic is probably one of my most popular submissions. However, due to other life pursuits I never had the time to continue with it, nor did I ever find the motivation to make a second part. Neither do I think I ever will, so as of today that is officially discontinued. I spend most of my writing time preparing the transcripts for my newest pet project, The Other View. This is a furry webcomic that you are all welcome to go read. here's a link: But shout-outs to everyone who read and liked the small portion of writing i did on the Harry Potter thing. It was a spur of the moment thing that i never expected to get so popular and widely demanded. I will try my best to write something that can compete with it.

Thirdly, my gallery has undergone some re-jiggling and general tidying up. You should be able to find folders that contain pictures of particular themes like Refsheets, cosplays, TFs etc.

Finally, I'm gonna try to make a comeback on here, though how often I upload "Original Content" depends on my drive to draw or write. But be vigilant and keep an eye out in any case.

And with that that's all I have to say really. If any of you want to see regular updates of anything I urge you check out my FA first and check back here at a later time. Peace out everyone.


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